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            emily@cnfomay.com     +86-576-85198076, +86-13676625862 Miss.Yang

          Products List

          Engineering Rubber Track
          Agriculture Rubber Track
          Self-Propelled Gear Box
          Diesel Tank Assembly
          Solid Tire

          Contact Info

          TEL: +86-576-85198076
          +86-13676625862 (Miss.Yang)
          +86-576-85198060 (Intenational Trade Dept.)
          E-mail: emily@cnfomay.com
          No.188 Chuangye Avenue, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, China.
          Location: Home > Contact UsContact Us

          Zhejiang Fomay Technology Co., Ltd.

          ADD: No.188, Chuangye Avenue, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, China

          TEL: +86-576-85198076 (Intenational Trade Dept.)

          FAX: +86-576-85198060 (Intenational Trade Dept.)

          Mob: +86-13676625862??Miss Yang

          E-mail: emily@cnfomay.com

          Website: www.dibrusaikhowa.com

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